Wire binding combs 2:1

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  • Wire binding combs 2:1
  • Wire binding combs 2:1

Wire binding combs 2:1

  • binding of documents in A4 format
  • purpose: binding of calendars, notebooks, atlases and other frequently used documents
  • five different sizes from 15.9 to 31.8 mm
  • colours: white, black, blue, gold, silver

100 pcs (comb’s size from 15,9 mm to 25,4 mm)
50 pcs (comb’s size 31,8 mm)

Wire binding combs permit to bind documents in 2:1 system. This means that on a 1 inch (2.54 cm) long segment there are 2 loops of the wire comb. This system is most commonly used when binding notebooks, notepads, car atlases and calendars, but also for business purposes to bind offers, reports, presentations or folders.

Type of comb wire