Thermal binding machine TB 200


233.70 gross / 190.00 net

Including VAT (23%): 43.70


Thermal binding machines are designed to create professionally looking, durable and aesthetic documents. Thermal binding machine connects the binded materials with the help of glue placed on the heat-shrink strip.

The thermal binding procedure looks in the following way:

Put the document inside the thermal binding machine: the squared documents in a thermal cover are placed in the entry.

Heating: the document spine in the thermal cover is heated up by a special heating unit.

Connection: when the gule is heated up, the document is sticked to a spine.

Cooling down: after the process of connection the documents with the cover, please place the document on a special shelf for cooling down so that the cover is firm and and durable.

As a result we have a solid connection of binded documents which are resistant to tearing and moisture. Teh thermal binding machines are used for creation of reports, brochures, books, catalogues and other documents which are to be durable and aesthetic.

  • Thermal binding machine TB 200
  • Thermal binding machine TB 200

Thermal binding machine TB 200

  • easy-to-use thermal binding machine
  • pull-out support for cooling documents
  • LED panel
  • ready-to-use and end-of-work signalization
  • automatic turning off after 90 minutes upon finishing work
  • binds up to 200 sheets in maximum 60 seconds
  • dimensions: 420 x 101 x 163 mm

Under the influence of the heat, glue placed on the strip between the front and back cover, dissolves and connects the binded documents.