Laminating machine Wallner LM441


590.40 gross / 480.00 net

Including VAT (23%): 110.40

  • Rich in colours Lamination allows to bring out details and brighten colours, making the printouts look more lively and sharp. Laminating machine Wallner LM441
  • Laminating machine Wallner LM441

Laminating machine Wallner LM441

  • office laminating machine for hot and cold lamination
  • temperature settings adjustable to pouch thickness
  • the reverse function permits to release incorrectly inserted pouches
  • ready-to-use temperature signalization
  • ready-to-use signal
  • thickness of laminating pouch up to 250 mic
  • maximum thickness of the laminated document: 0.7 mm
  • technology of 4 (2 hot rollers included) heating rollers – no need to use carriers
  • lamination width: 240 ( A4+)
  • lamination speed: 300 mm/min
  • heating time: ~1 min
  • warranty: 2 years
Max paper format A4+ (216 x 303 mm)
Max lamination width 240 mm
Number of heating rollers 4
Max thickness of laminating pouches 250 mic
Lamination speed 300 mm/min
Heating time 1 minuta
Cold lamination yes
No need to use carriers yes
Permits to laminate a photo yes
Perform decorations with the metallized stamping foil no
Fully automatic work no
Dimansions 394x150x65 mm