Kobra Compactor C-500


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  • Kobra Compactor C-500

Kobra Compactor C-500

Kobra Compactor C-500 is an unique solution which compresses and reduces the volume of the shredded paper by 5 times, to minimize the space required for disposal. The Kobra Compactor C-500 is designed to work with the Cyclone industrial shredder and may be used only when paper is being shred.

To shred other materials, you simply remove the compactor and use standard Cyclone disposal bags. Easy to install and operate, the Kobra Compactor C-500 will work with any of 5 Cyclone security level screens. Compacted shred papers can be collected into any type of container or into plastic waste bags, which the Compactor C-500 will fill in.

  • dimensions: 1100x600x1480 mm
  • 380/400 – three-phase current
  • warranty: 1 year
Type of cut
24 hours continuous duty motor
Energy Smart System