Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder


18511.50 gross / 15050.00 net

Including VAT (23%): 3461.50

Shredders recommended for large offices and bureaus. The multifunctional touch screen allows an intuitive handling of the machine.

  • The separate baskets and entries for paper documents and media permit waste segregationKobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Energy Smart System - saving of energy thanks to zero power consumption in stand-by modeKobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Electronic Power Control - system which shows the device's shredding capacity in the particular moment.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Super Potential Power System - reinforced chain drive system with life-time guaranteeKobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Multifunctional touch screen which starts the required function upon pressing the screen.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Shredder equipped with a motor that shreds documents at the noise level 52-58 dB.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • A shredder equipped with a bottle of oil to start. For Kobra shredders refers to models marked C or HS.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • 100% Jam Proof system - in case of paper jams the reverse function starts automatically and pulls back the documents.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • 24 hours continuous duty motorKobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • All Kobra shreddres are under three years guarantee for the machines and life-time guarantee for cutting knives. The life-time guarantee for cutting knives does not include the natural knive's wear, as well as cases of damages aroused in effect of faulty use or not following the recommendations in the manual.Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder
  • Kobra 410 S5 TS ES Shredder

Niszczarka Kobra 410 S5 TS ES

  • entry width: 410 mm
  • shred’s size: 5,8 mm
  • sheet capacity (A4/ 70g): 72
  • security level DIN 66399: P-2/ O-2/T-2/ E-2
  • shreds: plastic cards, staples and clips, CDs, floppy discs, Pen Drives
  • waste basket’s capacity: 205 l
  • dimensions: 680x480x1000 mm
  • Touch Screen – multifunctional touch screen
  • light-emitting diodes (LED), which signalize the turned on functions of the shredder
  • EPC, SPPS, Energy Smart System
  • metal chain drive with life-time guarantee
  • silent 24 hours continuous duty motor
  • motor thermal protection
  • automatic start/stop with automatic reverse
  • automatic cutting off of the power supply in case of paper jam or open door
  • separate entry for CD and plastic cards
  • cabinet mounted on casters
  • separate waste baskets for paper, CD and plastic card shreds
  • gears made of special hardened carbon steel
  • Metal detector (optional)
  • warranty: 3 years for the machines and life-time for cutting knives
Type of cut stripes
Security level (type of shredding papers) P-2 (business documents)
Size of shredder (waste basket’s capacity) large – waste basket’s capacity above 60 l
Number of shredded papers above 30
Shredded media plastic cards, CDs, staples, paper clips, floppy disk, other
Papers format / entry width A3 (from 300 mm)
24 hours continuous duty motor yes
Energy Smart System yes