About Us


ARGO S.A. strives to maintain the position of the leader on the Polish market of equipment and materials for binding documents.

We define professional performance and high standards of merchant reliability as the key principles for the implementation of the mission in the company’s environment.

Inside the company, we strive to create conditions for implementation of professional ambitions, friendly working atmosphere and a stable source of income for ARGO S.A. employees.


ARGO S.A. is a trading company operating in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe since 1990. Commercial activity ARGO S.A. started in 1991, initially as the ARGO Foreign Trade Office. After the foundation, the company specialized only in laminating machines and laminating pouches. In the following years, the offer of ARGO S.A. has been expanded to selected devices and materials for binding documents, shredders and laminated plastic cards in the standard of credit cards. In 2000, the Plastic Cards Department was separated as a new company – Argo Card Sp. z o.o.

Important dates

  • 1991 – start of commercial activity as the ARGO Foreign Trade Office
  • 1996 – conversion of ARGO into a joint-stock company
  • 2000 – separation of the Plastic Cards Department as a new company – Argo Card Sp. z o.o.
  • 2004 – obtaining the Certificate ISO 9001:2000
  • 2005 – creation of a new, spacious warehouse
  • 2008 – putting a modern office building into use

Present time

ARGO S.A. is a leader on the Polish market of lamination and equipment for binding documents. The company has two branches in Gdansk and Warsaw, and a network of Business Partners throughout Poland, as well as in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria and Germany.

Argo offers

  • professional shredders
  • laminating machines and laminating pouches
  • binding machines and thermal binding machines with a wide range of coloured covers, plastic and wire binding combs
  • devices for cutting and formatting paper – guillotines, trimmers, cutters
  • office accessories – money detectors, punches, ID badges, corner rounders, first aid kits, key cabinets, etc.

In addition, ARGO S.A. is a producer of Galeria Papieru® – colorful design papers and certificates that enable the creation of a wide range of visual identification and a distributor of materials and devices for printing with sublimation technology Grawerton® .